Elote Ramen; The Stay-At-Home Instant Ramen Recipe That You Must Try

  • on April 13, 2020
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Since we most of the nation and even the world for that matter is on lock down, there is a major need to come up with other alternitves for dinner. However, like many families they stuggle with having a decent income during these trying times and it makes dinner options slim. Even more slim if you have several mouths that depend on you to feed them.

Honestly, just about everyone enjoys or has partaked in eating the class Ramen Noodles. Well our friends over at FoodBeast has came up several different ideas on how to upgrade your ramen noodle dishes. They are rather simple because most of the items we already have around our house.

So without hold you up any longer… Here is the video:

Easy Ramen Recipes: ELOTE-STYLE RAMEN & more!

ELOTE-STYLE RAMEN & more! 🌽🍜 We're challenging all of you as well: WHAT WOULD YOU MAKE?

Posted by Foodbeast on Friday, April 10, 2020
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